Teaching & Learning

Year 7 is a time for consolidation, development and preparation for Year 8. The curriculum structure at this level ensures that all students are exposed to a broad range of subjects.

Year 8 is a time for students to pursue interests & develop skills, with a curriculum structure that ensures all students are exposed to the core subjects, as well as a variety of practical subjects in preparation for elective selection in Year 9.

Curriculum Overview
Year 7
EnglishHumanitiesMathematicsSciencePEIndonesianMusic or DramaHealth or Food TechArts / Technology
Wood /Graphics /Arts /Textiles
Year 7
5 periods3 periods5 periods2 periods2 periods3 periods2 periods2 periods4 periods2 periods
Common TeacherCommon TeacherAll YearAll Year1 Semester Of Each1 Semester Of Each1 Term Of EachHums /Maths Teacher
Year 8
EnglishMathematicsHumanitiesScienceLOTEHealth / PEArts / TechnologyPerformance Production
4 periods4 periods4 periods4 periods4 periods4 periods4 periods2 periods
Extension class run in both semesters. Students selected by teachers using year 7 data.   Indonesian. (Students may also have Literacy or Numeracy). Staffing dependant, subjects offered from; Wood, Graphics, Visual Arts, Textiles, Music, Drama, Food. (1 Term Rotation) 

Year 9 is a time for consolidation, development and preparation for Year 10. Work at this level can be challenging – the school expects students to strive to achieve personal excellence and to make full use of the resources within the school.

Year 10 is a time for development and preparation for the VCE and VCAL years. It is in this year that many students will make important decisions about the future – the subjects in which they intend to specialize in Years 11 & 12 and perhaps some choice in their intended career path.

In order to maintain a balanced curriculum and to ensure students experience a breadth of subjects, we have implemented the following subject selection guidelines:

  • Every student in Year 9 & 10 is required to study Maths, English, Science and Humanities for the full year, as well as Health & Human Relations (Year 9) or Careers & Living (Year 10)
  • Every student should elect to study at least one Health or Physical Education elective unit
  • Every student should elect to study at least one elective unit from the Arts

PLEASE NOTE: Students are not required to complete Language as a compulsory subject at Years 9 and 10. However, if students want to study Language at VCE level, they will need to continue to study it at Year 9 and Year 10. Students who begin Language study at Year 9 and 10 will be required to continue studying it for the full year.

The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) curriculum is determined by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). The VCAA provides the guidelines for school-based assessments and administers the external examinations.

Unit 1 & 2 studies are generally completed in Year 11 and Unit 3 & 4 studies in Year 12.

The College offers a flexible VCE program to cater for a range of student needs and aspirations. Year 10 students can apply to undertake a Unit 1 & 2 study and Year 11 students may undertake one Unit 3 & 4 study, subject to approval.

A student must satisfactorily complete at least 16 units which must include:

  • 3 English units from the English Group English/ ESL/ English Language/ Literature, with at least TWO unis at Unit 3 & 4 level.
  • 3 sequences of Units 3 & 4 studies other than the sequence chosen for the compulsory English. These sequences can be from VCE studies and/or VCE VET programs.

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL), like the VCE, is a recognised senior secondary qualification. Students who do the VCAL are likely to be interested in going on to training at a Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institute, starting an apprenticeship, or getting a job after completing school.

VCAL is a year-long program that can be undertaken at one of three levels – Foundation, Intermediate or Senior.

To satisfy the requirements of the VCAL, students at Mansfield Secondary College undertake VCE English (Literacy Skills), VCE Foundation Maths (Numeracy Skills), VET Business (Industry Specific Skills); an Australian School based Apprenticeship and are involved in hands–on projects to fulfil the Work Related and Personal Development Skills strands.

Australian School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBAT) are part of the national Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships system. Australian Apprenticeships combine practical work on-the-job, with structured off-the-job training to achieve a nationally recognised qualification.
Students undertaking a SBAT are supported by the college to enroll in a range of courses that meet their individual needs and timetables, as well as to timetable their program to allow for work, training and regular schooling.
VET (Vocational Education and Training) qualifications and SBATs can contribute towards the VCE. Currently, the VET subjects with scored assessment offered at Mansfield Secondary College include: VET Business and VET Hospitality. Some scored VET subjects are also available through Distance Education.

The Mt Buller Annex is an accredited campus of MSC providing an education opportunity to complement the on-snow training of aspiring athletes, and has been operational since 2012.

The Annex not only benefits local Mansfield and Mt Buller students, but is also open for other students to attend from public and independent schools.

For 10 weeks during term 3, students can embrace the opportunity to learn in an alternative setting and utilise classroom facilities within the Mt Buller Alpine Central building. Classes operate Monday to Friday from 1pm to 5pm with students working on the specially developed ‘@Altitude’ curriculum, utilising the alpine context and their on-snow training to deliver relevant elements of English, Maths, Humanities and Science. Learning outcomes are carefully monitored and reported on, with units of work cross referenced to the Victorian Curriculum F-10 requirements.

The Annex is especially exciting for emerging athletes wishing to pursue their progression within the athlete pathway. Students embrace this unique experience, which not only builds their on-snow skills, but equips them with many opportunities and life skills not necessarily gained in a traditional classroom setting.

Positions of responsibility and leadership for students at Mansfield Secondary College include College Captains, Prefects and the Student Action Team (SAT). The College actively encourages student participation in leadership programs offered by outside providers. One such program is offered by the School for Student Leadership to Year 9 students from around Victoria at one of their three regional campuses: Dinner Plain, Snowy River and Gnurad Gundidj. The School’s key goal is to build leadership capacity in young people through an extensive outdoor program. In recent Years, students have participated in cultural immersion and leadership programs sponsored by the Victorian Government’s ‘Young Leaders for China’ program.

MSC students have the opportunity to participate in a multitude of school excursions, activities and camps designed to enhance their learning experience, overcome challenges, learn leadership skills and explore new opportunities.

Our Contemporary Music program offers an extensive range of opportunities for students from Years 7 – 12. These include instrumental lessons, vocal lessons plus opportunities to perform at school and within the community. Opportunities also exist to participate in sound production and choir.

In addition to being able to improve or develop their sporting skills in the College’s Physical Education Program, students are actively encouraged to participate and represent the College in a range of sports. Mansfield successfully competes against schools from the Southern Ranges District in a wide range of sports. We also compete in winter sports including the Australian Interschool Snowsports Championships. Within the College, students participate in inter-house competitions in athletics, swimming, cross country and round robin team events.

Snowsports is a unique offering to students in Years 7-10 at MSC.

Students on the Wednesday Snowsport Program travel by bus and spend the day at Mt Buller developing and improving skills in Skiing or Snowboarding. Students are coached by qualified instructors, and are assisted by staff and parents.

Competition in the Victorian Interschools Snowsports Championships is strongly encouraged and MSC has been placed in the top 3 schools in Victoria for well over a decade, as well as having a proud history of success at the National Interschools championships.

As part of the semester long year 7 performing arts course, students undertake a variety of class activities and two performances.

The year 9/10 Drama class is an elective subject, which also begins with a look at the history of theatre, and culminating in the performance in accordance with the style and period of theatre studied.

New to the school curriculum a few years ago is the Year 8 Production. As part of the program, the year 8 cohort of students undertake a year long program beginning the year with workshops in Music, Script Writing, Art and Graphics, and culminating in a performance at the end of the year, written, performed and entirely driven by the Year 8 students.

HoL is an innovative education program that schools use to cater to the different ways young people learn, giving participants the hope and aspiration to stay in school and realise their potential. Participants complete hands-on projects around the school and the community and are encouraged to learn new skills and develop attributes that support their learning. The program is supported by the ‘Save the Children’ foundation, enabling us to run an evidence based program using the skills of artisan teachers and wellbeing staff. HoL in Mansfield has been underpinned by major support from Bendigo Bank, with subsidiary sponsorship from The Rotary Club of Mansfield and Yenckens Hardware. For more information visit the HoL website: handsonlearning.org.au

An elective subject for Year 9 & Year 10 students. Agribusiness is a Year-long course based on all aspects of agriculture. There is a strong emphasis on students undertaking practical activities in agricultural settings and there are multiple excursions to Expos, training days and a wide variety of farms.

The Adventure Challenge Unit is available to Year 9 and 10 students at the College. The Year-long unit provides students with the opportunity to partake in community service activities, attend the Learn to Rock Climb Camp at Mt Arapiles, cross country ski and bushwalk in the High Country.

Students in Year 11 and 12 plus selected Year 10 students have the opportunity to participate in the VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies program. VCE Units 1 – 2 require students to participate in a canoeing, mountain biking and cross country ski program and Units 3 – 4 involves a rock climbing, mountain biking and cross country ski program. Most trips involve an overnight camp.

The College possesses a range of tents, rainwear, stoves, maps, compasses, backpacks and skis that can be borrowed by students. Most other equipment needed for the camps can easily be sourced from home, however it is important that students have suitable footwear for bushwalking and thermal underwear.