Student Wellbeing

Mansfield Secondary College is committed to building a secure learning environment where all students feel culturally, emotionally and physically safe. The College values of Respect, Persistence, and Curiosity are supported by both the student and teacher behavior matrix which provide a basis upon which appropriate programs and procedures are developed across the college.

The School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Program (PBS) influences the implementation of all programs and procedures which are designed to: develop a culture that does not tolerate bullying and/or harassment; while providing an effective framework within to restore positive relationships.

The College has a group of experienced staff members who support students in their learning and participation in school life. These include:

  • A team of Year Level Co-ordinators who monitor overall student progress and provide support to students when required
  • A Wellbeing Coordinator and College Chaplain provides support to students, staff and parents of the College community and is an integral part of the counselling and support services.

Specialist Services

To support student progress and development, Mansfield Secondary College has access to various onsite and visiting educational specialists. Your permission for referral, testing or support will be sought where a teacher considers that your child would benefit from these services. You may also request support through the class teacher if you have a specific concern regarding your child’s social, emotional or educational needs.

  • A Guidance Officer provides counselling and assessment support. Students and parents/guardians are welcome to access our Guidance Officer by appointment.
  • An Educational Psychologist is available to support students in a range of areas.
  • Learning Support Staff are engaged in designing programs of enrichment or learning support as required and working with students within classrooms and in small groups.
  • Special Education Teachers will work with students who have special needs, designing Individual Education Programs and inclusive strategies to best meet individual student needs.
  • A school-based Youth Health Nurse provides general health-related information and advice to students and is available by appointment.

These specialists work in partnership with parents, classroom teachers, teacher aides and specialist agencies to ensure that we provide our students with a diverse, responsive and supportive College environment.