VCE & VCAL Curriculum

The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is a secondary school qualification normally completed over two years in Years 11 & 12.

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) gives students practical work-related experience, as well as literacy and numeracy skills and the opportunity to build personal skills that are important for life and work.

A student must satisfactorily complete at least 16 units which must include:
  • 3 English units from the English Group English/ ESL/ English Language/ Literature, with at least TWO unit at Units 3 & 4 level.
  • 3 sequences of Units 3 & 4 studies other than the sequence chosen for the compulsory English. These sequences can be from VCE studies and/or VCE VET programs.


The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) curriculum is determined by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). The VCAA provides the guidelines for school-based assessments and administers the external examinations.

Unit 1 & 2 studies are generally completed in Year 11 and Unit 3 & 4 studies in Year 12.

VCE Units 1 & 2 are normally taken as a sequence, but they can be taken as single units i.e. Unit 1 alone or just Unit 2. Units 3 & 4 however must always be taken as a sequence of two units and must be completed in the same year.

The College offers a flexible VCE program to cater for a range of student needs and aspirations. Year 10 students can apply to undertake a Unit 1 & 2 study and Year 11 students may undertake one Unit 3 & 4 study, subject to approval.

Students are required to gain credits across the following four strands:
  • Literacy and Numeracy Skills
  • Work Related Skills.
  • Industry Specific Skills
  • Personal Development Skills


The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL), like the VCE, is a recognised senior secondary qualification. Students who do the VCAL are likely to be interested in going on to training at a Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institute, starting an apprenticeship, or getting a job after completing school.

VCAL is a year-long program that can be undertaken at one of three levels – Foundation, Intermediate or Senior.

To satisfy the requirements of the VCAL, students at Mansfield Secondary College undertake VCE English, VCE Foundation Maths, VET Business; an Australian School based Apprenticeship and are involved in hands–on projects to fulfil the Work Related and Personal Development Skills strands.

In recent years VCAL students have completed numerous school and community based projects ranging from the construction of a community garden; organising Primary school dances; the building of paths, garden beds and seating areas; fencing the Lords oval; screen printing T-shirts and planning and organising camps and excursions.