MSC Science Curriculum


Our practical and relevant learning program has been designed to ensure that students are energised and enthused to learn more about their environment and the processes that occur within it. Since human life began, people have yearned to learn more about the wonders of the natural world - which is exactly what Science is all about.

Today's exciting developments in science and technology permeate every aspect of our lives and we aim to instil in our students a desire and an ability to think and to wonder.

Years 7 - 8

All students study a common course at years 7 & 8. The content of these courses is increasingly demanding in scope and students are given the opportunity to challenge and extend themselves via a range of differentiated tasks and assessments.

Years 9 - 10

All students study Science at year 9 & 10. Students study Biology, Chemistry and Physics and then do an extended investigation.

Years 11 - 12

Units 1-4 in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology are offered.
Science at Mansfield Secondary College follows the Victorian Curriculum from Years 7 to 10. This is organised into two areas:
  • Science inquiry skills – which focuses on skills essential for working and thinking scientifically
  • Science understanding – which focuses on the important science concepts from across different the areas of science including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology and Psychology and includes an understanding of how these concepts have been developed an applied via human endeavour.