Australian School Based Apprenticeships

Mansfield Secondary College has more students involved in ASBAs than any other school in Victoria. Whilst the successful completion rate of apprenticeships and traineeships across the state sits at a little above 50%, each year over 90% successfully complete their ASBA at our school.

At Mansfield we have students undertake ASBAs across a broad range of industry areas with a huge number of supportive employers - ranging from plumbing, hairdressing, carpentry, electrical, engineering, business, hospitality, aged care, childcare, fitness, sport and recreation, outdoor recreation, agriculture, animal studies, information technology and media – just to name a few.

Completion of an ASBA provides students with a nationally recognised vocational certificate and contributes to both the VCE and VCAL certificates. Students typically earn units 1 and 2 in the 1st year and units 3 and 4 towards their VCE in the 2nd year.

A School based Apprenticeship counts toward the student completing the Work Related Skills and Industry Skill units of VCAL. For further information speak to Shelly Comben or Mark Sampson.