MSc Production & Performance Curriculum


Naturally being a Performing Arts subject, the focus of Drama is very much on acquiring and refining performance skills.
“The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, but is also the return of art to life.”
Oscar Wilde

As part of the semester long year 7 performing arts course, students undertake a variety of class activities and two performances. Their first presentation is a Greek theatre task. This is a group activity which involves scripting and performing a Greek legend in the style of the Greek theatre. The second opportunity to perform for year 7 students is a class Melodrama at the “Year 7 Showcase” performances, to which year 6 students, as part of their transition program, and parents and families are invited, and which is held at the end of each semester in conjunction with the Music department.

The year 9/10 Drama class is an elective subject, which also begins with a look at the history of theatre. Working in small groups, students research the styles, playwrights and influences of important historical eras which have contributed to theatre as we know it today. Students prepare informative presentations and a short performance in the style of that era. Following on from that, their class performance is a Shakespearian play, having first undertaken activities to familiarize themselves with Shakespeare and the language of his day. Their play is presented to the school and also to parents and friends.

New to the school curriculum a few years ago is the Year 8 Production. As part of the program, the year 8 cohort of students undertake a year long program which culminates with a puppet performance. Beginning the year with workshops in Music, Script Writing, Art and Graphics, students learn various skills which enables them to select from tasks and roles, and in what area and aspect of the puppet play performance they will involve themselves. This program is driven by the students; the initial story ideas, scripting, designing and construction of puppets and sets, music composition, acting, stage management, front of house etc. Every student in year 8 plays an important role in bringing their initial ideas to life. The Year 8 Production is performed to the community; with schools, kindergartens etc. invited to an afternoon performance and the broader Mansfield community for an evening performance.

Lastly, the school has a lunchtime Drama group for students who love to perform. Since its inception, the group has competed in The Mansfield Arts’ Council ‘One Act Play’ competition presenting original plays and for those who are really brave, monologues.

In 2021 we will be running our first school production of Footloose. All students from years 7-12 are invited to audition with various performances taking place in March 2021!