MSC Curriculum Support Programs

Curriculum Support

Literacy Support

A diagnostic Assessment Schedule is used to identify student needs and track their progress. Emphasis is placed on reading, with opportunities created in every school day. For weaker readers, the reading task provided will be differentiated – i.e. font and spacing considerations, text to speech, etc.

The school’s Literacy Coach will develop individual learning plans when needed, establish and resource classrooms that support literacy and assist students with low literacy levels. There are also Speech Pathology sessions, Literacy withdrawal groups and individual coaching provided.

Numeracy Support

At Mansfield Secondary College, we have a Numeracy Support Program to assist students who are below the expected learning level to reach their full potential. Students with Numeracy needs are identified in Year 7 through a raft of diagnostic tools and tests. The program includes in-class support and withdrawal sessions in order to further develop the students’ understanding and skills. We have a dedicated Numeracy Tutor and a Numeracy Co-ordinator who deliver this personalised program and monitor student progress.

"Maths Help" is a tutorial session that is held every Thursday afternoon from 3:30pm to 4:30pm. A team of Maths teachers conduct the session. The session is designed for students who want help with their Maths homework or need something explained or who have missed classes and need to catch up. All students from Years 7 to 12 are welcome to attend.