MSc Extension Programs


The curriculum at Mansfield Secondary College has been designed to provide for the specific learning needs of students, including students working at a high level.

Students with a large knowledge base and/or who are working in areas of personal strength will require activities with a strong high-order thinking focus if they are to be challenged appropriately in terms of their advanced abilities.


  • Allows for depth of study in areas of ability
  • Permits deeper investigation of current interests


  • Adds breadth to curriculum content
  • Has a content focus


  • Allows movement through content at a faster rate

Mansfield Secondary College provides a differentiated curriculum from Years 7 to 10, where students are provided with tasks that are appropriate for their level of understanding. Details of extension/enrichment/acceleration opportunities are detailed in each year level curriculum handbook. They include;

English Extension

There are accelerated classes offered to students in Years 8, 9 & 10.

Maths Extension

A variety of competitions and extension programs are offered.

  • The Australian Mathematics Competition is for students of all standards and year levels and is conducted in Term 3.
  • The Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians targets the top secondary students in Years 7 to 10. The Challenge (held during a consecutive 3-week period in Term 2) comprises six challenging problems.
  • The Australian Informatics Competition is open to students who have achieved excellent results in the Australian Mathematics Competition and involves mathematical ideas related to computing. No experience in computer programming is necessary.
  • The Enrichment Program for Young Australians is a six-month program that commences in April. It is not run in formal classes but is available to interested students who wish to study areas of mathematics outside the normal curriculum.

Science Extension

again a variety of competitions and programs are available.

  • The Big Science Competition tests critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as science knowledge.
  • The Australian Science Olympiad Competition is for top performing secondary science.
  • Australian Brain Bee Challenge is a competition for Year 10 students to learn about the brain and its functions, neuroscience research, careers in neuroscience and to dispel misconceptions about neurological and mental illnesses.
  • The Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest (Melbourne School of Engineering - Melbourne University) is for Year 10 students.
  • Science Experience is available for Year 9 and 10 students who have an interest in science, giving them an opportunity to engage in a wide range of fascinating science activities under the guidance of scientists who love their work.
  • Emerging Sciences Victoria (ESV) offers 15 week long courses, with students online for 2 x 1-hour classes per week. The content level is aimed at Year 10 students, but students in lower year levels may be eligible to participate.

Humanities Extension

  • Up2Us Landcare program, which focuses on ensuring local land is healthy and sustainably managed.
  • Youth Leading the World program, which requires to work in teams to engage with the community to make a change; in previous years, students have worked with local shops to cut down plastic bag use, with the eventual aim of replacing plastic bags entirely.