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Student BYOD Devices

It is a requirement that all students (Years 7-12) at Mansfield Secondary College bring their own laptop to school for use within the classroom. This is to ensure that all students have access to 21st Century Learning tools.

The College acknowledges that there is a cost to this, the normal welfare strategies are in place at the College that will cater for families who need this support.

See below for minimum specifications that student's devices will require. It is strongly recommended that you do not purchase a tablet device. Both Acer and HP are reliable brands that are cost effective options.

Recommended Configuration

Our ICT team recommends that the device you purchase meets the following criteria:

  • Windows 10 Operating System preferred, although Apple Mac computers also welcome
  • Minimum 11” display
  • Dual processor
  • Minimum 8GB RAM
  • We recommend 256GB+ of storage
  • Connectivity: WiFi/Bluetooth/1xUSB 2.0/1xUSB 3.0/1xHDMI/3.5mm
  • We recommend a minimum 12 month warranty
  • Battery Life: Up to 6 hours
  • Wireless Connectivity Dual Band (5GHz)
When purchasing a computer for your child, please also purchase a:
  • 1x 16-32GB USB stick for extra storage
  • Laptop Case/Bag

Available Software

Additionally the Education Department provides free access to a number of software programs, including the Microsoft Office Suite and Antivirus protection. The Information Resource Centre staff will provide assistance with this process.

Prior to the installation of these programs, parents are required to sign the Office 365 Consent form. Please return this form to the Information Resource Centre.

Acceptable Use of Electronic Devices Policy