MSC LOTE Curriculum


Learning a Language Other Than English is very important in our globalised world. Those who speak more than one language are increasingly needed in the work place. Indonesian is taught at Mansfield Secondary College.

Indonesia is our nearest neighbour. It has the fourth highest population in the world. Australia is rapidly developing closer trade and tourism ties with Indonesia.

Year 7

All students study introductory courses in Indonesian in year 7. 

Year 8

LOTE study is compulsory in year 8. Students study Indonesian for the whole year.

Years 9 - 10

Students who choose to study a language in years 9 and 10 must do so for the whole year.

Years 11 - 12

Indonesian is available at VCE level by Distance Education if there are insufficient students for a class.

Our Indonesian program aim to develop students’ ability to:

  • appreciate, understand and develop empathy for other cultures
  • understand what they read and hear in Indonesian

  • communicate by speaking and writing in Indonesian

  • understand how the English language works by comparing it with another language
  • become more flexible thinkers and problem solvers, who can apply skills learned in LOTE to other subject areas and in the workforce